Israel's leading company for speech recognition solutions.


With more than ten years of experience and leadership and 10,000,000 calls each year, Callverso is driving innovation and enterprise in day-to-day activities, enhancing user efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

The Callverso product line is based on the company’s Voice Interaction platform, delivering voice calls, routing, and enabling voice recognition applications and solutions.




Voice Login for
Call Centers



 Conference Bridge


Callverso Enterprise

Interaction Platform


Data Collector

Voice Login for
Mobile Apps

Smart Auto-Attendant
Enables speech-based call routing


Installed with dozens of organizations in Israel:   hospitals, municipalities, high-tech companies, the Israeli "Knesset," and more. This is the most advanced auto-attendant  of its kind. It allows incoming calls to be recorded and offers a search by keyword or contact person, as well as a web-based management interface that the user can easily manage.

My voice is my password


24/7 biometric password reset system for organizations

The system is produced by Nuance, the world leader in speech/speaker recognition. 

From now on, Reset passwords easily and with confidence. Save significantly on Help Desk teams


Doctor's appointment scheduling system

Schedule appointments with doctors - more than a million calls each month


The system holds a dialog with customers and finds an available appointment for them, based on their personal needs and history as well as their past preferences. For example: distance from work/home, preferred doctor, preferred days and times, without annoying waits and available 24/7. The system has already scheduled millions of appointments, much to customers' satisfaction.

Callverso Enterprise

Interaction Platform

Advanced Voice platform IVR/ASR

Callverso is the largest platform in Israel, with millions of calls per month and thousands of active ports. Its software integrates support of the world's most advanced standards, MRCP and VXML, and includes structured interfaces to some of the world's leading switchboards such as Avaya, Genesys and Cisco.