Israel's leading company for speech recognition solutions.


Some people dream of success, but we make it happen!


We provide consulting services for Israeli companies. including detailed design of the organization's needs and mentoring of its development team. 


Over the past 8 years, the consulting provided by the Callverso team has led a number of high-tech companies to successful exits.

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Callverso Speech Recognition Academy has been operating for several years has proven highly successful. Its graduates are involved in the development of speech applications and help organizations gain knowledge and experience in the field.


The Academy offers courses ranging from Introduction to Speech Recognition to advanced offerings that lead to full mastery of speech-recognition based systems and industry standard protocols such as CCXML, VXML and more. 

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Callverso provides tailored development services for companies in Israel. 


The service includes detailed design of the system, development, testing and transfer of knowledge to the customer. 

Over the past 8 years, we have performed dozens of successful projects for high-tech companies in Israel.

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I'm a Believer!

"After about 15 years of experience developing systems based on speech recognition, I believe in full cooperation with the customer in designing the system and integrating it in the organization. Without the involvement and knowledge of the customers, it is impossible to deliver an efficient, smart and user-friendly system."

Simon Rapoport, VP for R&D